Company Overview

Electrofer is a Portuguese company which operates two major business lines: production of customized metallic structures designed for a wide range of constructions and supported by a superior engineering and large-scale production capacity; customized surface treatment solutions for auto parts to leading international automotive companies through multi-annual contracts, ensuring predictable and stable revenue streams. Electrofer benefits from a strong international presence, 40% of its metallic structures being exported. Founded in 1994, the company is headquartered in Marinha Grande (Portugal center).

Investment Year: 2019


Metal Mechanics and auto parts surface treatment

Investment Rationale

Electrofer strong track record and technical recognition in the market, along with the increasing competitiveness of metal solutions for construction Investment, enables a growth strategy supported in the current low capacity usage and in the strong forecasts for the construction sector with over €1.1 billion of European money to be invested in public construction in Portugal. The increasing demand for auto parts in electrical vehicles, and the already recurrent revenue streams through the surface treatment business unit at Electrofer, also forecasts a strong growth and internationalization path. CoRe identified the opportunity to generate growth on historical activities and further diversify the company’s revenue streams





Fund Equity Stake





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