Jayme da Costa

Jayme da Costa
Company Overview

Jayme da Costa (“JdC”) is a leading Portuguese Engineering, Procurement & Construction (“EPC”) company developing solar power stations and manufacturing electrical equipment. With over 100 years of market presence, JdC has established its name in the industry by the expertise of its engineering solutions both in the low and mid tension production of electrical devices and in the delivery of EPC solutions in the energy renewable market with hundreds of installed MW in hydric, wind and solar infrastructure.

Investment Year: 2019


Renewable EPC solutions and production of low and mid tension devices.

Investment Rationale

Jayme da Costa strong track record and technical recognition in the market as the best company operating in its field supports a positive outlook for market expansion both in its home country and internationally due to strong prospects supported in a significant increase of licensed energy output both in Portugal (with over 1GW of new licences per year up to 2030) and Europe (renewable energy to hit 32% of total energy consumption by 2030).  CoRe identified the opportunity to leverage on JdC’s superior technical expertise and reposition the company to capture growth of the promising Portuguese photovoltaic market.




Restructuring in a high growth potential environment

Fund Equity stake


Co investor

grupo visabeira


Parque fotovoltaico de Vale de Moura
Jayme da Costa – Vale de Moura photovoltaic park

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